Octopus Ink strategic planning and research


You can’t win the battle without a strategy. So the first place we always start is ensuring you have a strong strategic plan in place that is based on customer insight and competitive research.

Octopus Ink brand development


What makes a great brand? A great product or service. That’s all you. What we do is make sure your brand comes to life in a compelling and impactful way. Emotion drives behaviour. We help you build your brand story so that it will connect with your audience in an emotional way and then back it up with real benefits that give people the permission to believe and trust your brand.

Octopus Ink creative execution and graphic design

Creative and Design

A good idea is only as great as its creative execution. And great execution comes from living and breathing your brand. To do that – we assemble a dedicated team to work on your business so they learn your brand and products / services inside and out. The result is impactful ideas that are rooted in insight with powerful design that draws people in to learn more about your brand.

Octopus Ink advertising messaging and content strategy


When we talk about advertising, we mean more than just billboards and commercials. Although we do both, and everything in between. Advertising is about content. And content needs to be crafted to work within the parameters of the media selection to enforce consistent messaging, brand awareness, recognition and recall. That’s why we dedicate a team to become experts on your brand so we can customize your advertising across any media channel.

Octopus Ink digital web development, UX & UI design


Our approach to digital is to start by determining objectives and an overarching strategy for your website. Well thought-out User Experience and User Interface design are critical to optimizing how your customers engage with your brand. Whether you’re overhauling an old site or starting from scratch, we analyze how your target audience accesses your website, we test and retest to make sure it’s compatible across all platforms and launches seamlessly. We stay abreast of the latest technology and trends to create websites that stand out and convert.

Octopus Ink social media tactics for Facebook, Twitter and the next big thing

Social Media

Social media usually has its own section in marketing plans, on budgets, in briefs. But it really shouldn’t. Like any tactical plan – social media needs its own strategy. Without a strategy, all that posting, tweeting and sharing can lack direction and may not even be reaching the right audience. Which equals wasted resources (real time and money).

Octopus Ink search engine optimization and paid search marketing


We don’t outsource our SEO services. The people that build your site to ensure that it is optimized from the code to the copy are the same people that make sure you are showing up in search results. We monitor your site daily, manage link-building and refine your keyword strategy on an ongoing basis so your site is discoverable based on how people are searching the internet.

Octopus Ink innovative ways to reach your audience

Media Planning

We provide in-house media planning to help make sure the creative story we’ve worked so carefully and closely with you to craft is exposed to the right channels to reach your audience and achieve your objectives.