Our Work

Cooper Equipment Rentals

The Challenge

Cooper Equipment Rentals hired us to help them during their aggressive growth spurt: a jump from $10 million to almost $80 million in annual sales in about five years. Cooper was looking for a way to retain their value proposition that made them great when they were small without compromising their growth into a large scale operation.

What we did

We talked with Cooper's customers and learned that they valued Cooper's people and service above anything else. Their customers did not want automated processes, standard procedures or, least of all, an order desk. So, we gave the people what they wanted. A person they could count on to call for quick conversations and solutions and a delivery guarantee to help keep job sites running and making money.

How it worked

After their brand strategy overhaul, all Cooper employees now understand the brand essence of the company that they work for. Customers have a better understanding of the products and services Cooper provides while easily being able to communicate directly with a Cooper rep. In fact, with the launch of their new website, the number of weekly leads generated by the site has more than doubled.