Always be Learning: Who Do You Work For?

We all know the power of a great brand. It influences what we buy, what products we are loyal to, what products we recommend, etc. And the same could be said about you. And that’s why your own personal brand is just as important as the branding of products and services with which we choose to engage.


As a person who has worked as a marketer on the agency side her entire career – I’ve always worked on other company brands and it’s something I enjoy immensely. Because learning about other people’s businesses is crazy stimulating and fascinating and helping companies apply the importance of brand to their products and services is fun. It’s very rewarding to help build people’s businesses as well as my own.


I remember many years ago being told by someone I worked with that as an agency person my priorities in terms of business / professional development were, in order: the Agency, the Client, Me. I remember walking away from the conversation understanding the perspective but not really buying into the order as it was prescribed to me. It sounded self-serving to the agency and that never sat well with me. As I worked longer, gained more experience and insight, and started to lead teams I just couldn’t reconcile the idea that the agency’s interest took priority over the client. And that got me thinking where exactly do I, as a brand, fit into the equation.


Seth Godin has a great quote I think that sums up my thoughts on why even though we all work for someone – whether that be our employers or our customers or our teams– we still need to work on our ourselves as our own personal brand.


“Be genuine. Be remarkable. Be worth connecting with.”

– Seth Godin


Maybe that sounds a little egotistical or self-centred but hear me out:

–  I’ve always believed that if you put time, energy and resources in building the best Brand You then that would set you up to engage in a lifetime of learning and activities that supports your clients and your organization while still building your own reputation

–  If Brand You (and your agency) are always working to do what’s right for the Client’s brand / business then the Client benefits from a team of independent and insightful thinkers vs a workforce of doers just trying to get the job done


I’m not saying that Brand You is the most important. I’m saying that making Brand You a priority means you’re focused on doing what’s right and that has a great impact on everyone around you both personally and professionally.


So – what is your brand? And are you proud of Brand You in a way that makes other people want to work and succeed in the trenches together? Because, to me, that’s what builds the best businesses. The best work. And a network of relationships that work and strive to build business. Together.