Data Overload: Turning Too Much Data into Digital Learning

We have finally come to the point in the industry where we’ve seen data overload and that’s a huge challenge for many marketers. The challenge is no longer “we don’t have enough data”. Rather, the question is now “what do we do with all this data?” Well, one of the easiest things that we have been able to do for our clients is starting to consolidate data into actionable business insights that will drive their business forward.

Take Media Actions Now that Drive Future Business Objectives

How we do that? Through asking the questions about what really matters for their business now and in 5 years from now in order to achieve business goals and KPIs. Starting on key media actions now and getting fundamentals into place lay the proper foundation for what we’ll need to do in 5 years. For example, setting up attribution to pass back sales data on conversions that have been driven through digital campaigns. With that type of data we can quickly and accurately segment out audiences of high value to the client/brand. We then monetize against high-value audiences in the digital space (programmatic, social, etc.). Actions like this can have an immediate impact on CPA (cost per acquisition) goals and help to find more consumers that have higher transitions (sales)—ultimately increasing revenue for the brand.

The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.
– Carly Fiorina, former CEO, Hewlett Packard

Build Look-a-like Audiences

Another example of how we turn “data overload” into actionable insights is using predictive retargeting. With this approach, we take high-value audience data to find more audiences that “look” like them and have followed a similar shopping journey in the online space. Building look-a-like audiences targets consumers with similar behaviours as our high-value data, and grows the likelihood of these consumers converting.

We can do a lot with little and we know how to make sense of what you have in terms of data flow to show immediate results for your business. We’re always thrilled to partner with new clients to show them some of the ways our boutique agency can drive big business results.