Our Top 4 Strategies for B2B Marketing

Business to business (B2B) marketing strategies have expanded immensely since the demand for consumer marketing has grown over the years. Agencies’ all over the world work extremely hard for each of their clients in an effort to narrow down the specific approach they need to attract their specific target audience. To stay competitive in today’s market, it is important to take advantage of the wide spectrum of B2B techniques available, and to hone in on the ones that will be essential for success.

Although we work very closely with multiple B2B clients and brands, the thing that sets us apart is that we still operate as the consumer, to ensure that we are ticking off all of the right boxes and reaching the right people. When working with B2B clients, it’s common to only focus on the direct techniques and messages that might be sent straight to the clients, however with each task at hand we always think about things like: how will this affect the consumer? Is this the best user experience we can produce? If I was a consumer, how would this draw my attention? How are we setting this company apart from the competition?

Here are the top 4 strategies that we find to be the most important and beneficial in the world of B2B marketing:

  1. Market Research: We believe that market and brand research will always help in making more informed and sensical decisions for your client. Without accurate research, there is no way to tell what the client’s competitors are doing or where they sit in the market. By taking the time and assessing this information, it allows us to know and understand our clients much better
  2. A Highly Effective Website: One of our specialties is building high performing websites, as this is one of the most crucial assets for connecting with consumers. A successful website should be information-rich, have good user experience and be easy to navigate as it is the main hub for your online presence. Another key piece of a website that we always pride ourselves on is having effective search engine optimization (SEO). Using targeted keyword phrases to communicate the brand’s concepts and expertise is highly important in order to set yourself apart from the competition.
  3. Digital Advertising: There are a myriad of creative and effective ways to advertise in today’s market;however, a few of our personal favourites are using social media, search engine marketing (SEM) and retargeting as we find that these drive the best results for our clients. Along with using these strategies, the client’s budget and industry niche all play a massive role in how we decide to set up campaigns. We all know how important it is to advertise your brand through different channels, it plays the most critical role in driving new customers to visit your website and learn about your brand.
  4. Analytics and Reporting: Analyzing the results of the paid media, SEO, and website traffic monthly is another key factor in order to measure the data effectively. This lets us as an agency know what is performing well in the market, along with what needs to be improved in order to meet our clients’ goals. We always strive to thoroughly dissect each metric, and challenge ourselves to come up with strategies to perform better month over month and year over year.

One of the most important overarching themes that we encourage each of our clients to consider is to not grow comfortable with where your brand is at. The online marketing world continues to grow at a faster rate than ever before, which is why it’s vital to continuously stay ahead of the curve to be competitive and relevant.