Feeding the hungry – one can at a time

I’m always amazed by the good our clients bring to the world. It humbles me and makes me proud of the work we do. Because it reinforces that building your brand is not always just about the bottom line. It’s also about doing good to support your brand essence, which – in turn, makes the world a better place to live.

As acoustical engineers, Aercoustics’ role in the design and construction of buildings can literally mean the difference between loving where you live, work and play – or hating it. That sounds a little over the top – but a well acoustically designed condo or performing arts centre can drastically change the visceral experience. We’ve all been in that condo “too close” to the train tracks. Or a concert hall where the noise from the lobby distracts us to the point where we are no longer experiencing the music. Aercoustics doesn’t just fix those annoyances. They actually amplify the comfort and enjoyment of the room you’re in.

Aercoustics took part in The 20th Annual Canstruction Competition in May to support not only the Daily Bread Food Bank but also the creativity and resourcefulness of the Aercoustics team and their industry. Teams of designers, architects and engineers from various companies donate their time to build massive, incredible structures from cans of food – with the food donations going to the Daily Bread Food Bank. Since 1992, Canstruction events have donated almost 82 million pounds of food around the world, demonstrating that we can win the fight against hunger.

Aercoustics has been a proud participant in Toronto’s Canstruction competition for many years. The Aercoustics team wowed us yet again this year with their can-structure: “Many Cans Make Light Work” barn-silo. Built from vegetables commonly grown on farms across Ontario, the creation symbolized the coming together of a community to invest in the wellbeing of those who need it most. Aercoustics’ entry was awarded 2019 Best Meal! In previous years, Aercoustics has won the Structural Ingenuity and People’s Choice awards in 2014 for their entry “This Loon Sure CAN Fish!” – see some of the structure highlights from past years of Canstruction events.

Photography credit: David A. Crowder

So… is it a stretch to say that they took their brand to another level by enabling a few Canadians to enjoy a meal that they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford? Nope.